Work-From-Home Opportunities for South Africa

Getting a Work-From-Home Opportunities if you are a South African citizen living in South Africa that actually works, is not an easy task at all. If you are reading this post, then you must have already tried numerous opportunities, only to find that they either don’t accept South African participants, or you tried and only found out after paying $49 or something to that effect, that you cannot market in your home country.

Don’t get me wrong, with the current volatility of the Rand, earning in US$ is extremely enticing, I know!

I earn a living through blogging, but I wanted to mention some of the other opportunities available.

  • MLM’s
  • Completing surveys from home
  • Mining for bitcoin
  • Binary options trading
  • Penny Stocks Trading

Let us take a look at these opportunities, I will explain what they are and tell you which opportunity is working best for me, as a South African.

The Infamous MLM

MLM is probably the option that is most abundant in the world of work from home opportunities.

MLM is a multi-level marketing and it works as follows:

Someone recruits you to their team, you pay a one-time joining fee after which you start recruiting people for your own team. For every person that you directly recruit, you earn a commission once they pay their joining fee.

For every recruit recruited by your own (recruited by you) team members, you get a smaller commission, and so on. It sounds easy enough, but because you do not really have a product to sell it is difficult to explain to people, in all honesty, that it is an online work from home opportunity that actually works and is sustainable.

A great example of this in South Africa, is the 4 Corners Alliance Group and SFI.

Complete Surveys

The next opportunity that pops up everytime you search for a work-from-home opportunity for South Africa, is filling out surveys in exchange for payment. I have joined many different survey opportunities in my lifetime of searching for a legitimate work from home opportunity.

Most of the survey sites do not charge anything to join, but some do. These sites charge a joining fee and then supply you with their list of favorite survey sites which you then have to join one by one. Frankly, you can build your own list for free.

You simply search for free to join survey companies in google or one of the other search engines. Survey sites mostly cater for the US, UK and Canada. If you are from one of these three countries, you can make a good living by simply completing surveys.

A survey company that caters for South Africans, is but I saw this morning that they are temporarily closed. Here you complete short surveys for entries to win different prizes like cars, cash, vouchers, etc.

Mining For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency and one of the hottest terms online these days. And rightfully so.

Bitcoin mining is a little misleading since no one swings an ax into a rock-bed in order to find new bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is actually the act of adding more bitcoins to the digital currency ecosystem.

If you are wondering how new bitcoins are created, I can only explain it as follows:

Every single new bitcoin has to be created through a computational process called mining. That’s right, you can create your own bitcoins by letting your computer hardware calculate complicated mathematical problems, and this can be done ANY time of the day or night. If you participate, you to become a fundamental part of the bitcoin network, by not only securing the network through your dedicated hardware but also by creating more coins for circulation.

If you do not want to spend money on the correct hardware, there are free apps to download and there are sites to join where you look at ads in exchange for a fraction of a bitcoin per ad, it is very time consuming, but I am sure that it is possible to make money if you push through.

It might be that I have not yet come across the best sites, but after my 30th site, I decided that it is time to move to another strategy. You see, I believed, from the bottom of my heart that there has to be a way to earn an income from one of the thousands of work from home opportunities.

Crypto Currency Trading And Binary Options Trading


 The next thing I tried, was cryptocurrency trading which is basically exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, buying and selling coins, and the exchange of fiat money into cryptocurrency. For those of you who don’t know what cryptocurrency is, it is digital currencies like Bitcoin.


Binary options, on the other hand, let traders profit from price fluctuations in multiple global markets. Binary options trading is a popular choice for newbie traders since it is so extremely simple to understand.  A high-low or fixed-return option that provides access to stocks, indices, commodities and foreign exchange, is the most common trading instrument.

They have a clear expiration date, time and strike price. In order to win a trade, a trader has to wager on whether an option will rise or fall. If he wagers correctly on the market’s direction at the time of the expiration, he is paid a fixed return. On the other hand, if he wagers incorrectly, he loses his original investment.

There are many automated platforms out there that read the signals and helps you to trade effectively, but these are not cheap. If they were cheap or even if they were free, you still need to understand that it is a gamble. No program or person, no matter how good, can know for certain if any option will rise or fall next.

I spent a few thousand on these, but in the end, I lost all my money.  If you are a level headed person who can pace yourself not to make unnecessary trades, this option can work for you. You also need to learn different trading strategies to minimize your risk. I get too excited when I win trades and then I take unnecessary risks and on the other hand when I lose a trade, I try to make bigger trades to recoup my losses and in the end, I lose big…

Penny Stocks Trading

To tell you that I was not extremely excited about trading Penny Stocks, will be an outright lie! I came across a Penny Stocks Trader named Timothy Sykes and fell in love with his teachings and most of all his lifestyle… Tim turned his $12,000 bar mitzvah money into over 2 million US$ in something like 2 years. In my mind, he perfected the strategies to trade Penny Stocks. He has so many videos and free training material and he is always looking for the next person to train as his next millionaire student.

Unfortunately, I could not find a way to trade US Penny Stocks without having to open a South African broker account for foreign investments. The minimum amount to open an account for foreign investment is US$10,000 and I do not want to spend that much money learning just yet…

I have not completely set this option aside and will keep you updated in future blog posts.

What works best for me…

Now that you have read about all the different ways to make money online, I am sure you want to scream at me for not talking about blogging or affiliate marketing.

Well, I left the best for last!

I earn a living online through this blog of mine and through affiliate marketing.

When I started out, I simply wanted to earn US$ and thought that you cannot make a living by marketing your blog in South Africa.


I found that honing in on my home country, teaching my fellow South African citizens and using affiliate programs that were designed and created specifically for South Africans, was the best move I ever made…

In my next post, I will tell you exactly which affiliate programs to join, where and how to use them and what marketing strategies are best to earn from affiliate marketing in South Africa.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please tell me in the comments which work-from-home opportunities for South Africa you used and what was your best and worst experiences.

Till next time!

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