Learn How To Write Quality Content For Your Website Or Blog

Would you like to learn how to write quality content for your website or blog?

It is extremely important to understand that content is what drives traffic to your website or blog. If you do not have content on your site, no one will visit and if they do end up on your site, they will only stay a short while and never return. Fact is, you need to create quality content on a regular base.

One of the issues, I am sure, many people struggle with when they just start out in the world of online marketing, must be that they do not know how to write quality content. To tell you the truth, this was definitely my biggest hurdle when I started out.

For those of you who are struggling with this issue too, I would like to share the methods I use and give you a few pointers on how to write quality content.

Choose A Topic – Search Your Existing Content

The first step for any article or post is to choose a topic to write about. It is important to choose a topic that is in line with the theme of your website or blog. You need to write informative content that adds value to your website or blog and create headlines that draw attention.

When you really get into building your site and you have to create content on a regular base, finding topics for new posts can sometimes be a bit intimidating. It was for me!

When I was told to look at my existing content for ideas for new posts, I was more than just a little skeptical. I was struggling to get new ideas for articles, so I tried it and low and behold… before I knew it, I had no less than ten ideas for new content, just from my first post!

I was only busy with the second phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training at Wealthy Affiliate, but I was writing new posts almost every day and I was running out of ideas. Without are reading this post, you are probably also looking for ways to create quality content.

Plan Plan Plan

I cannot stress this enough, plan your article or post. Planning is the key to any successful content. It is much easier to fill out your content if you break it down into the main ideas before you start writing.

I do this before I write any content. I have found that it is much easier to write quality content this way.

Once you understand this, you will know how to write quality content for your website or blog with efficiently.

Write For People – Make sense

Remember, you are building an information gateway for people who are looking for solutions to problems. You are not just writing for search engine rankings, so write in a way that will make sense to the person who will read your content.

I have a little trick to check if my content is readable, I read my article or post out loud before I publish it. This might sound like a waste of time, but I have found and corrected many mistakes by reading out loud.

Yes, keywords are important, but if your readers find that your writing doesn’t make sense, they won’t enjoy your content and you will lose potential customers.

Divide And Conquer – Break Up Your Paragraphs

Your content needs to be readable. It is much easier to read shorter paragraphs with white space in between, so break longer paragraphs into shorter paragraphs and add a few headings in your article or post.

People tend to stay longer if your content is easy on the eye.




Add Visuals – Pretty Up Your Content

Human beings are visual in nature. We like pictures.

Add visuals to your post, whether it is pictures or videos, it doesn’t matter, as long as you make your content visually appealing.

Use pictures or videos that are relevant to your content and good quality. If you use bad quality pictures, you will most likely lose customers. It is easy to assume that your content is of poor quality if your visuals are of poor quality.

Size Does Matter – Longer Content Receives Better Rankings

You need your content to get ranked by the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search engines tend to rank longer articles or posts better than short articles or posts.

Keep the length of each article or post to a minimum of 750 words, but aim to write content that has at least 1000 words, divided into many short paragraphs with at least five headings.


Keywords – Keep It Natural

Keywords are very important if you want to be ranked well in the search engines. Without can master the art of adding keywords into your content in a way that makes sense to your human readers, you will quickly get high rankings, more traffic and customers or visitors who return to your site again and again.

To get the full SEO potential of keywords, you should write your keywords into your title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph and a couple of times in the rest of your article or post.

Use keywords in such a way that it makes sense when you read it. If you struggle to use your keywords naturally, try to only incorporate them into your title and your first paragraph. When you are starting out, this will suffice.

Get People To Engage

 Last, but not least, you need to get your visitors to engage. Lead them to act by using a call to action phrases like “sign up for free” or “leave a comment”. If your visitors find your site engaging and interact with you, you will build a reputation and you will start getting word of mouth referrals, so get your visitors to interact.

Use these pointers as a guideline, you will not only find it easier, but you will know how to write quality content for your website or blog!

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment with your favorite content creating tips or feel free to ask a question and I will gladly do a post on it.

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