How To Use Sales Funnels To Grow Your Business

“Use sales funnels, they will increase your reach and grow your business”


“Grow your audience by simply using sales funnels”

This is only two examples, but recently I have heard from many sources that sales funnels are guaranteed to help you grow your business and reach those six-figure income levels.

Now who doesn’t wat to become a six-figure earner???

I sure do, and that is why I decided to do some research find out how to use sales funnels to grow your business or your email list.

If the only funnel you knew, is the one used when your car runs out of fuel far from the filling station, don’t stress! I will enlighten you today…

Learn how to use sales funnels to grow your business

Sales Funnels For Beginners – How Do Sales Funnels Work?

You already have an awesome product, but you just cannot seem to line-up those sales. This is where sales funnels come into play. You see, it doesn’t matter if you are a marketing person or if you are a small business owner or even if you are an affiliate marketer, it is important that you know what a sales funnel is and how to use it effectively.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

What is a sales funnel and how does it work. A sales funnel is basically the road followed by a prospective client that leads them to becoming a customer and buying something from you.

Plainly put, it is the part of the sales process where someone who signed up for your email list, is nurtured through every stage and gently persuaded to ultimately buy your product.

Think of it like the process you go through to get someone to like you and take them out on a date…
First you will want to get that persons number, so you have to dress up and poot your best foot forward to get them to like you enough to give you their number. In a sales funnel, this will be your content on your blog and your opt-in offer or maybe a landing page whilst the number will be your potential customer or follower’s email address.
Getting their email address is not the final step though.
Once you get their number (their email address), you need to start a conversation and build a relationship with them, this would be your email automations. Remember, the more you interact with this person, the better the chances are of theim actually liking you and finally going out on a date with you (in other words, buying your product or service).

As soon as you get the email, you can start to build a relationship with your potential customer and pre-sell them on your product.

It is important that you create an emotional connection with your readers and work up to getting them to trust you. Think about it, you will buy something from a person you trust much easier than from a person you don’t even  know.

Stages Of Sales Funnel

A sales funnel has a number of steps or stages.

1) Building awareness

The first stage in your sales funnel is building awareness of a certain problem. You do this either by creating content for a blog or educating people via social media. One thing you have to remember, is that if you do not believe in yourself and your ability to help people with their problems, you will NEVER make a success… So get excited about your product!!!


Your prospective client or follower will be looking for a solution to a specific problem. On their search for solutions they might come accross your blog or landing page and this is your first interaction with your prospective client.

2) Create Interest

This stage goes hand in hand with the previous stage. It is very important that the content you create are of value. It shouldn’t look like a sales page that is trying to shove something down the throats of your readers. You need your readers to find your information useful and interesting.

They are already looking for a solution to the problem you are talking about, that’s how they found you (if you used SEO in your content). However, you want them to be so intrigued that they join your email list, which is stage 2.

You can increase the chances of your reader to subscribe to your email list by offering a no strings attached free gift or a no risk free trial of the product in question.

3) Get Them To Consider Buying

This stage, in my opinion is the longest stage of your sales funnel. In this stage you use automated emails (or if you have not started using auto-responders yet, just sending emails to start a conversation with your prospect is fine), to persuade your prospects to consider purchasing your services or products.

4) Conversion

The number of prospects who actually reach this stage will be much less than those who started at stage 1. In this stage you finally convert your interested parties from considering to actually clicking “BUY” and completing the sale.

An Example of a Sales Funnel

I have recently worked with a client, a yoga instructor, to help her to build a sales funnel for an online yoga course in the health and wellness niche market, so I have decided to use this as an example.

Learn how to use sales funnels to grow your business

Step 1: Creating Awareness

As we now know, creating awareness is the first step in any sales funnel. For this step you have to think about your target audience. Who will enroll for an online yoga course? People with weight problems or even people with stress problems, right? How will you reach this target audience? You can do it in many different ways, but to me, the most effective way is by giving them something valuable for FREE.

It can be a quality blog article or an ebook. For my yoga instructor client, we offered a mini 4 day email yoga poses course. The target audience will search for information about yoga and they will land on the website and learn about the yoga instructor who wrote the blog post.

Step 2: Creating Interest

During this step, you have to collect information about all the interested parties. For our yoga instructor example, I would design a landing page using ClickFunnels and use it to get the email addresses of everyone who wants to learn yoga. Prospects might be willing to submit their information for a free 4 day mini course on yoga poses or maybe for a one-on-one online consultation with the yoga instructor.

Step 3: Soft-selling

Obviously, your conversion rate will be less than your initial visitor rate, since many prospects will drop off throughout the whole process. To help salvage these drop offs, we created a special soft-sell lead magnet (without being too salesy) to collect information from visitors who did not convert on step 2. Something like a survey on why the reader is interested in learning yoga or why they decided not to get more information on the course.

Step 4: Buying The Online Yoga Course

Simply growing the email list is not the ultimate goal with this sales funnel. The yoga instructor will need to get more people to enroll for her online course, and that is the sole purpose of the sales funnel. So for this stage we created an ad for the prospects who are converted in step 2 and step 3 to encourage them to enroll for the online course.

Step 5: Retargeting

Every lead that drops off during step 4, is a high quality lead. These people showed interest, but were not converted. They should also be converted into customers. It is important to try at least one more time to get them to convert. For my yoga instructor client, we will retarget these leads with ads or emails that highlight any reviews received about the course or even reviews from some of her other yoga clients.

Because these leads already showed a high interest level, chances of conversion will be high.

I sincerely hope that this example is easy to understand and shows you how to use sales funnels to grow your business.

Remember, in order to increase your sales or even your email sign-up rate, you have to generate quality leads, nurture them with quality content and useful information or useful freebies or deals in order to convert them into buying customers.

I would love to hear your thoughts about sales funnels. If you have any questions or would like to know how you can improve on your current sales funnels, let me know in the comments or send me a private email to

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Learn how to use sales funnels to grow your business

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