How To Build A Profitable Online Business Through Blogging

How To Build A Profitable Online Business Through Blogging


Sit up, concentrate, wipe the sleep from your eyes and jump for joy!

I want to tell you a secret.

The secret so many people tried to hide from you. The secret that gave you the run-around for so many years and kept you up night after night.

I want to tell you the secret of how to build a profitable online business through blogging!

Think about it, anything is possible if you set your mind to it and if you take it step by step.

Create Small Achievable Milestones

Breaking large tasks into small, manageable ones, will change a large daunting task into an easily achievable one. Like when you are building a 5000 piece puzzle. Start by turning over all the pieces, then take out all the edge pieces, then build the outline and so on.

Blogging is no different.

You can break your journey as a blogger into many achievable milestones. Start small and gradually work your way up to bigger milestones.

If your goal is to have 10,000 subscribers, break it down and start with 100. If you want to quit your job? Start by focusing on making your first sale.

Use these milestones to keep track of what you have accomplished at any given time and to know what you’re aiming to achieve next. Use it to see what you still want to accomplish in the near and distant future.

The secret I want to share with you is that there are 20 major milestones to aim for as a blogger and I would like to tell you how to achieve them.

#1 Publish Your First Post

If you want to start earning an income with a blog, your first major milestone is to publish your first post.  Without your first post, your blog will never start to grow.

For any project to work, no matter how big or how small, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t take the first step.

To reach this milestone is easy. Take a couple of minutes to set up a blogging account with or Sit down and write your first blog post.

If you don’t know where to start or how to write a blog post, take the time to learn. Pick a catchy headline and write a post showcasing your personality. Don’t be too critical, you can always come back to spit and polish your post to perfection. AND… PUBLISH!

Now that your post is published, promote it. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, share it with friends and family by email, share it everywhere you can.

#2 Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

This is a huge milestone to achieve, because every time your content is liked or shared on social media, it is seen by more and more people. Every new person that sees your content and reads it, is a potential subscriber and every subscriber is a potential customer.

To reach this milestone is not as difficult as you might think. Make sure you have sharing buttons for Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. on your posts, so it is easy for your readers to share. Make your content count, if you can write content that changes your readers’ outlook on things, they won’t be able to resist, they will share without thinking twice.

A word I learned recently is… tweetable… You have to be tweetable and it is not very hard to be. Simply fill your content with short messages that are easy to quote. Share those short messages yourself. If you are not willing to share your own content, why should others?

Be sociable and friendly, thank people for sharing your posts. This will help build a relationship, show gratitude and in return, they will share your content even easier in the future.

Try to use relevant, interesting images with embedded headlines to feature in your posts. Use intriguing images to create curiosity.

#3 Receive Your First Comment From A Stranger

This is an awesome milestone to achieve! What better feeling than having hard evidence that someone, who is not your grandma, is reading your blog.

This shows that you are speaking to real people who are relating to what you have to say. It is also the first sign that you have what it takes to make a successful blog.

To reach this milestone you have to make it easy to navigate to your comment section, ask for comments, suggestions, and insights. Visit blogs from other people catering to your niche market and leave well thought out, inquisitive and insightful comments. You will be surprised how many bloggers return the favor.

Join some blogging forums. I know that many bloggers think forums are so 90’s, but you can actually inform many would-be readers about your blog. If you interact with readers and give them informative answers, they will comment. Remember to be engaging, respond to questions and comments. Engage, engage, engage…

Visit the blogs of those you engage with, maybe thank them via email. In the beginning, it will be easy, but the more your audience grows, the harder it will get.

#4 Get Your First Email Subscriber

Your e-mail list is your golden tool. Every successful blogger will tell you this.

If someone joined your email list, chances are they find your content insightful, so they will most likely share your content and engage with your content.

If you want to reach your blogging summit, you HAVE to build your email list and to build an email list you need to get your first subscriber.

To reach this milestone, get an email list building program like MailChimp. MailChimp has a free version, which is sufficient in the early days, but if you want to set up autoresponder emails, you either need the paid version of MailChimp or another autoresponder like Aweber.

Build your email list, by adding an opt-in form to your blog. Place it where readers have to see it.

Use a compelling call to action at the end of your posts. This will increase the chances that readers will subscribe.

Include a link to your opt-in form in the signature of your everyday outgoing emails, and to your posts in blogging forums.

Make sure to welcome every new subscriber. Make your welcome email to new subscribers warm, welcoming and inviting. Encourage them to ask questions and ask them to follow you on Twitter. Remember to offer unexpected freebies, but do it in stages, not all in one go…

#5 Get Your First Backlink

If you want search engines to love you, this is the way to go. With backlinks, they discover how pages relate to each other. For more search engine traffic and better SEO rankings, a link from a trusted website to your website is just what you need. When a website links to yours, it’s telling the search engines “Hey, this guy is awesome…” and you want Google to think you’re awesome.

To reach this milestone, you need to create epic content. Epic posts are shared more, commented on and linked to more often. Ask for backlinks and be generous with links to other websites. You can ask for backlinks via email, time-consuming as it may be, it can be highly effective to acquire backlinks.


Utilize backlink resources like directories, aggregators and more to get backlinks with minimal effort.

#6 Get 100 Visitors In 1 Day

When you start out, visitors will be few and far between. You might even wonder if anyone is even seeing your blog. Don’t give up hope, slowly but surely your numbers will start to rise.

And then it will happen! You will get 100 visitors in one day and your hard work will start to pay off.

Exhilarating, right?

To reach this milestone, promote, promote and promote. On Facebook, Twitter all the social media you can.

Share your content, use hashtags to widen your reach. Promote daily. It is important to share daily every day. Don’t use videos, infographics and the like since they don’t work for beginners as they work for pro bloggers. Be mobile-friendly and keep your site-navigation as simple as possible.

Use techniques like linking to the different posts in your own blog and encouraging readers to leave comments in order to keep visitors on your website for longer.

#7 Get Your First Fan Mail Or Email

This one could be overwhelming! You open an email from a stranger that turns out to be a reader telling you how much she enjoys your blog!

Your first “fan mail” from a reader is a huge thing for bloggers.

To reach this milestone you need to be authentic and approachable. Show them that you are a real person and be helpful. Make sure your readers know you want to help them and not only for your own benefit. Once again, be interactive, respond to comments and acknowledge your readers. Make it easy for your readers to contact you.

Then reply to the email. Thank your reader for contacting you, try to answer any questions they may have asked and take it one step further…  Follow them on social media, visit their blog and comment on their content. If you like what you see, you can even subscribe to their list.

This response will make an impression that lasts, don’t waste it.

#8 Get That First Negative Comment

You open up your email and there it is your first negative comment. If you are anything like me, you would try to laugh it off to no avail… you might feel a little hurt, a little angry or a little confused.

Don’t let it get you down, the bigger your popularity, the bigger the chance for negative comments. Think of it as a badge of honor – every successful blogger receives negative comments. It only proves that you are on the right track.

To reach this milestone, you need to create your own voice and stand out. Make your content memorable and daring.  Keep creating content that shows you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

Haters will be haters…

Don’t get suckered into replying with a witty sarcastic answer. Delete it, ignore it, or respond to it with professional courtesy. Just remember, take a breath, be calm and DON’T start flinging around insults. How you respond, will leave a lasting impression on others who see your response.

#9 Land Your First Guest Post

You will find out, sooner than later, that commenting on other blogs and building social media friendships will only boost your traffic so far. At some point, you will have to reach out to different audiences. An extra pair of eyes is always good for your content. What I am trying to say, is, write a guest post to attract new readers.

To reach this milestone, find a target. Find a blog with the audience you would like to reach, and tailor a guest post around that audience. Make sure you understand their guidelines and what they expect of you. DON’T make silly blogging mistakes. Get someone to proofread your post and do final editing before you submit.

If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again. Sometimes you will need to contact your target blog a few times before they accept.

Don’t think that you have done your job once your guest post is published. Now you need to promote, promote and promote! Share the post on social media and to your email list. Respond to comments and VERY IMPORTANT, thank the blogger who gave you this opportunity.

#10 Feature In Your Very First Interview

Can you imagine this? People see that you are mentioned regularly on other sites. They build a perception of you and you get featured in an interview.

Even though you are the same person after an interview as you were before the interview was published, your words will instantly carry more weight. The reason for this is simple, someone they trust viewed you as an expert and treated you as such.

There is little that can build up your reputation as much as an interview can.

The best place to start to reach this milestone is by having an awesome About Me page. Tell people who you are and how you got there. Share testimonials and don’t be afraid to mention that you are available for interviews. Sign up for HARO and you will be amazed at how many emails you get from people looking for quotes from experts.

Remember to grab hold of the network marketing opportunities an interview creates. Respond to comments left on the interview. Engage with the readers and give them a reason to visit your blog.

If you enjoyed this article, please read part 2 – it can be found here.

Learn the 20 steps to build a profitable online business through blogging

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