An Honest Review Of The “Super Affiliate Handbook”

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Update: 14/12/2018 – You can now join Ros at Affiliate Blogger Pro to learn even more from her updated multi-media training!

I am a strong believer in learning from successful people!

Rosalind Gardner is one such person. The product I am looking at today is her “Super Affiliate Handbook”

I am pretty sure if you have done any kind of research online about affiliate marketing, chances are that you have come across this book.

Affiliate marketing for newbies can be very daunting and confusing because of all the training material out there. Can the Super Affiliate Handbook help the newbie affiliate marketer in 2018?

The Author

Rosalind Gardner, now a Super Affiliate, started her online journey back in 1997. She did not know how to build a website, and back then, she wasn’t lucky enough to have WordPress or any other type of blogging software available to her. She worked hard, part-time, and at one stage created a dating site, Sage-Hearts which is now called

One month later, she received her first check of $10.99 and decided there an then that Affiliate Marketing is a real viable opportunity! A year later, she was earning $5000 per month and 2 years later, when she quit her job as an air traffic controller (which she had been doing for 20 years), she was earning $10000 per month.

By 2003 she decided to share what she had done to reach her success, and the Super Affiliate Handbook was born… The book became a massive hit in the online marketing world, and soon Ros was an affiliate marketing guru.

Super Affiliate Handbook

When I bought the book, I was a little worried, because of its age. In the world of internet marketing, 15 years is A VERY LONG TIME! So much have changed since 2003 as I am sure you will agree.

Doing online shopping is much easier and marketers don’t use the same methods to deliver their sales pitches. Still, I thought there was a lot that I could still learn from her, so I went ahead and bought the 288-page e-book.

If you are looking into affiliate marketing, you are obviously looking for a way to make money online, and the first line of the e-book how I made $436,797 in 2002 selling other people’s stuff!” is definitely eye-catching!

In 2003 Ros was earning an average of $40,000 per month. She proved without a doubt that anybody could succeed at affiliate marketing, even if she did it in 2003.

I would like you to know one thing, this book was written for those of us still learning about affiliate marketing.

The first 80 odd pages are dedicated to the very basics of online marketing, which might be obvious to some, but I still feel that there are people who could benefit from it…

With basics, I mean topics like:

  • To have the right mindset.
  • What affiliate marketing is?
  • How to do niche research.
  • What keyword research is?
  • Covering the myths of affiliate marketing.


As an established affiliate marketer, you might not take a lot from the first 80 pages, since you will already know these things. Even so, I read through every page, and it was good to refresh my memory and help me remember a few things that I had stopped doing along the way.

She covers a lot of things that are kind of general knowledge to the average online marketer today, but many people starting out, do not know about things like the benefits of the Google toolbar.

I’m looking at the value and insight the Super Affiliate Handbook brings to someone who is just starting out as an affiliate marketer, even if it is in the 2018 marketing arena.

After the first 80 pages, Ros explains how she uses (now Yahoo) for searching niche keywords and she explains where to find affiliate programs.

I had to do some research, since I did not know Overture, and found that it is, in fact, an old keyword research tool. Granted, there are so many advanced tools to choose from today, still, looking at how she did her research was interesting and I did take away some new knowledge.

One thing that I must admit, is that the links in the book are a bit outdated, this was somewhat disappointing.

I loved the way that Ros explained her thought process, it made it so simple to apply the techniques she wrote about for uncovering niche keywords and choosing the right offers to run with them.

Luckily for us, we do not HAVE to do the manual research for a couple or more hours, since we can achieve much the same with the click of a button in a much shorter time by using modern (and mostly free to use) keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Tool or Jaaxy.

A major indicator that the book is quite old and somewhat outdated, is the section on website builders. Ros recommends website builders lite ‘SiteBuildIt’ and others, but today in 2018 I believe that the easiest, most user-friendly and definitely most competent website builder is WordPress.

Especially since it is completely free.

In the last ⅓ of the Super Affiliate Handbook, Ros focused on activities to market an online business and building credibility.

I found that Ros is very empathetic to her readers and that she went out of her way to connect to their level with examples like “don’t quote the health ingredients but say how great it made you feel”. Ros is an advocate of honesty, which made me respect her a great deal more.

Something I found quite helpful was that the Super Affiliate Handbook tells you to track everything you are doing at every level. This shows us that even 15 years ago, Ros knew what she was talking about, since even in today’s market, monitoring what is happening will allow you to grow the rate of your conversions on both your campaigns and websites.

Sadly, most of the resources mentioned in the guide, are no longer available.

I still enjoyed the book and learned a lot from it. I feel that even though there are so much free training available online today, there are quite a few things I took home and I will definitely use the book again and again in my own affiliate marketing ventures.

Today, in 2018, Rosalind is still going strong, she is still hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to talking to her audience and how she treats them which enables her to maintain her super affiliate status.

In all honesty, I would only recommend this book to complete newbies. Rosalind is a respected affiliate marketer with an awesome reputation, there are definitely things you can learn from the book even in its outdated state. You can order the book here.

Update: 14/12/2018 – You can now join Ros at Affiliate Blogger Pro to learn even more from her updated multi-media training!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the book. If you do decide to buy, or if you have read the book, feel free to share your experience and help others decide by giving your opinion in the comments.

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